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Simple Inexpensive Cosmetic Dentistry

Sweet patient concerned with dark tooth which was treated with a root canal in the past. This was easily treated with internal bleaching over three quick visits and a filling to close the access opening. What fun is this !

Amanda’s Six Month Smiles Journey

We feel especially proud when advanced techniques can be used to preserve tooth structure and achieve the patient’s goals. Amanda’s teeth were enhanced with Six Month Smiles – a rapid adult cosmetic orthodontic system, whitening, and minor composite bonding. A kind and beautiful lady, Amanda made the process a pleasure for our entire team. Please see the collection of images […]

Sometimes, A Little Stress is a Good Thing

Galvanized When George Martin first met the Beatles and became their producer, he liked their sound and their energy, but he didn’t think they could write songs. So he licensed a song, handed it to them and had them record it. John and Paul hated doing this, so they asked if they could write one. That became their first hit. […]

Shomari is a great guy. His case was one of the most challenging ones I have encountered. Although jaw surgery and extended orthodontics followed by restorative dentistry was a good option, he could not justify the time or cost. I am still amazed by the result with 12 months of rapid-adult orthodontics (Six Month Smiles), one extraction, and Fixed Bridges […]

Fighting Entropy

Love this post by Seth Godin. We have always felt the slide into mediocrity is inevitable without a living strategic plan to maintain excellence of clinical and interpersonal skills. Fighting entropy It’s not easy to run a supermarket. Low margins, high rents, perishable products… Even A&P, once dominant, is now gone. My new favorite supermarket, by a large margin, is […]

Patient of the Month – Sierra

What a pleasure to help our dear patient ,Sierra, correct a gummy smile and inadequate veneers prior to Miss Arkansas USA Pageant – she placed 2nd Runner up. Beautiful inside and out. What a sweet heart! Can’t have this much fun and call it work!

The Power of Vision

When consulting with dental practices, businesses, and individuals, we always begin with Dreaming about an ideal future followed by developing a lofty Vision 5 or 10 years out. This exercise creates a framework for goals, objectives, standards, business systems and strategies. Seth Godin sums up the power of this process in his post this morning: “On adding a zero Just about […]

The Extraordinary Life Ahead of You!

You must give up the life you had planned in order to have the life that is waiting for you.– Joseph Campbell We are all comfortable with the status quo and possess different levels of fear of change. We might call that resistance to change- Inertia (a physics principle) and the propensity for a future full of new ideas and […]

Drive your own rode – Take charge

Along for the ride Like the pilot says, “sit back, relax, and enjoy the flight.” When you’re on one of those Disneyland boats, it takes you where Disney wants you to go. That’s why you got on. And so you are lulled, a spectator, merely a tourist. So different, isn’t it, from driving yourself, choosing your own route and owning […]

Full Mouth Reconstruction Completed over 6 Years

Not everyone is in a position to have a needed esthetic/functional reconstruction all at once. Many times a complete rehabilitation of the entire mouth can be completed in phases or even one tooth at a time. Call us today to learn your options for a beautiful  and long-lasting smile.

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