Dental Implants

Over the last 40 years, Dental Implants have become a reliable, uncomplicated solution to replace missing teeth.

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Sedation Dentistry

Sedation Dentistry has become a mainstay of our practice to help patients with anxiety or long appointments receive needed dental care in comfort and without fear, stress, or boredom.

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Occasionally teeth have fractures, large fillings or decay and require more coverage for strength and longevity. All porcelain crowns envelop the tooth to idealize the appearance and the bite. Crowns take two visits to complete and last for many years. We are proud of our natural (if not invisible) crowns and invite you to view our Crown Gallery.


A Fixed Bridge replaces one or more missing teeth. The adjacent teeth are prepared for a crown and a bridge of several teeth connected together are cemented or bonded to place for long lasting beauty and function. A Bridge is not removable and feels and chews like real teeth. Take a look at our gallery of Bridges.

Full Mouth Reconstruction

Sometimes multiple issues in the mouth require more than a few restorations to return the mouth to ideal beauty and function. Combining several procedures or treating every tooth is often needed to properly treat bite issues, advanced decay or periodontal disease, severe wear, or multiple missing teeth. Dr. Bernstein has studied with the best educators to learn advanced techniques and has over 30 years experience helping patients with full mouth reconstruction.

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