“Dr. Bernstein was my dentist in the 90s. I moved to Atlanta, but flew back twice in 1996 for the veneer process. I had seen his work and trusted him. I value his and his team’s kindness, service ethic, and quality of work. Over the years, various dentists have commented that they have never seen such quality veneers. As it came time to replace the veneers after I damaged them, Dr. Bernstein gave me Atlanta recommendations. I chose to fly to Memphis to be under his care. Not only is his work always superb but the team worked with me when my flight was 4 hours late and I was returning home that night. Diane was so concerned for me and went out of her way to help and pre-empt any needs. Rarely, do you find complete quality, service, care and support to this extent. If you have the option of choosing Dr. Bernstein and his team, do so!”

“Dr. Bernstein and his team are outstanding. I had many dental issues including TMJ pain and dark unattractive teeth. Dr. Bernstein completely rebuilt my bite and my smile and I now am pain-free and get many complements on the appearance of my teeth. I am a dentist myself and would not trust my mouth to just anyone. I chose Dr. Bernstein because of his excellent skills and professionalism.”

“First, let me state that I was a new patient and after several appointments including consultations, I was extremely impressed with the entire staff. Everyone is very courteous and extremely competent. Dr. Mickey Bernstein is, without doubt, one of the finest dentist I have ever seen. I am a senior citizen and have been to many dentist during my lifetime, but above all, I would highly recommend Dr. Bernstein.”

“I came to Dr. Bernstein because many of my friends had highly recommended him. All of them told me how much they enjoyed the experience. I was floored by the smile transformations featured on the website. My teeth were yellowed and very crooked. Now my smile is perfect! My teeth are the perfect shade of white and just the right size for my mouth and face. They are smooth just like natural teeth and feel terrific. I am much more confident about my smile, and when you have that confidence that a beautiful smile brings, you are more confident about yourself. Dr. Bernstein and his team are caring, intelligent, thoughtful and knowledgeable. Thanks for making me feel beautiful!”

“I found Dr. Bernstein on the internet. After reading the testimonials and viewing the before and after pictures, I knew he could help me achieve a new smile. My teeth were dingy, worn, and tired looking. I wanted a new smile to go with my new career and recent relocation to the area. My new smile has made me a happy confident woman. My teeth are beautiful, and my gums are healthy. I love my smile.”

“I came to see Dr. Bernstein because of his reputation for making smiles that look natural. I had an average smile, but now I have a great smile to go with my great life. I find myself smiling much more. Getting cosmetic dentistry is a lot less involved than I realized, and Dr. Bernstein and his team are very caring and concerned for the patient’s comfort at all times. I would recommend to everyone.”

“I have known Dr. Bernstein for many years and know his integrity, level of skill in cosmetic dentistry, and his approach to the entire smile. My job requires me to call on lots of dental offices in the Mid-south, but when I decided to redo the existing anterior restorations and also see if I would be a candidate for prep-less veneers, I knew of only one dentist I would consider. Even my long time family dentist suggested I contact Dr. Bernstein for the very same reasons. I couldn’t be happier with the result and I appreciate all he and his team did to assure this result. I can’t thank him and his entire staff enough. I love my new smile!”

“I have always been self conscious about my teeth. I have worn braces twice expecting beautiful teeth and was disappointed both times. My tetracycline stained teeth were never going to be corrected by braces or whitening. I wanted porcelain veneers and I knew the only doctor to see for cosmetic treatment was Dr. Bernstein. I am so much more confident now. I am known as “the Mom who is always smiling”. People are amazed that my teeth have veneers on them. They look so natural. It truly takes an artist to create beautiful smiles and Dr. Bernstein is just that. I now have the beautiful smile I always dreamed of. I only wish I hadn’t wasted so much time getting here!”

“I had a broken tooth and needed to be seen soon. Dr. Bernstein was awesome. He fixed my tooth and sent me on my way without a lot of cost or time. The entire staff was kind and gracious. I love this place and am headed back at the end of the month.”

“Dr. Bernstein and all the staff were wonderful, I have been going to them for years and have not had a bad expierence, so I highly recommend them.”

“I’ve been going to Dr Bernstein for 19 years since moving to Memphis. He and his staff are incredible! I love that he is a perfectionist and cares as much about my teeth as I do! This is the best dental practice I have ever used! I’ve lived in several cities and have come back here to get work done. Very progressive techniques and results are wonderful! Thanks to all the staff and especially to Dr. Bernstein!

“My experience is always positive and pleasant, the staff truly knows how to make me feel special and appreciated!”

“Dr. Mickey Benrstein is excellent along with his staff.”

“This group, specially Dr. Bernstein is the best group of dentists I have ever come across with. I have lived in many cities in the us and have gone to many dentists, but Dr. Bernstein, by far, is the best dentist. If you are looking for best with high quality then I recommend to go to them.

“Dr. Bernstein is by far THE BEST dentist in Memphis. He came in on a Sunday and saved my daughters teeth after a ATV accident. I know after her teeth have healed further, he will make her smile perfect….he has done my teeth for ten years. He is awesome!!! 5 stars”