Vision image

When consulting with dental practices, businesses, and individuals, we always begin with Dreaming about an ideal future followed by developing a lofty Vision 5 or 10 years out. This exercise creates a framework for goals, objectives, standards, business systems and strategies.

Seth Godin sums up the power of this process in his post this morning:

“On adding a zero Just about everyone can imagine what it would be like to add 10% more to their output, to be 10% better or faster. Many people can envision what their world would be like if they were twice as good, if the work was twice as insightful or useful or urgent. But ten times? It’s really difficult to imagine what you would do with ten times as many employees, or ten times the assets or ten times the audience. And yet imagining it is often the first step to getting there.”

Have an inspiring and productive day.